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Bespoke Software Development

When looking for software to complete a specific task you may find there are a number of available packages which almost fit the requirement.

But, what happens if they just don't have the one feature you really need or you simply can't find software to perform the task ?

The solution is bespoke development. From small scripts to extract mailing data from a database to complete software systems, we can help.


Off-Site Software Development

Off-site development is an area which is expanding in line with the growth in home working. But off-site doesn't have to mean off-shore.

Where a project can be undertaken using standard development tools, languages and environments we can perform the work, locally, at our own premises using our own development environments.

We use virtual development environments, using VMWare, to re-create our clients’ own environment.

Using VMWare also allows us to create virtual test environments ranging from a single Windows client to a virtual LAN containing a mix of servers and clients.


On-Site Software Development

It is occasionally necessary to bring third party developers on-site to work alongside existing staff. This can be due to the development environment being very customer specific, the proprietary nature of the software being developed or a requirement for very close-knit development teams.

We can provide on-site development skills for the Microsoft Windows platform using a wide range of technologies and programming languages.

Our preferred model is to engage directly with our clients, either through a contracted relationship or purchase order. We can also work with your preferred supplier should this model be required.

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