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Small Business Services


Byrne Consultancy understands the unique IT requirements that Small Businesses have.

Why? In part because the majority of our clients are small businesses but mostly because we're a small business too!

We rely heavily on our own IT and understand the importance of a reliable IT infrastructure, no matter how small, to any business.

Whether you have a single PC which your business uses for e-mail and running your accounting software or you have a small network to support an office full of staff, your IT is central to the way your business works.

How would the office function if the server went down? How important is e-mail from prospective customers?

Byrne Consultancy offers a wide range of consultancy and support services to Small Businesses at competitive rates.

From simple tasks, like suggesting how to improve the performance of your single PC to developing custom software for specific tasks.


An independent IT Review could highlight issues with your configuration or provide you with peace of mind that your IT is not only working well now but has the capacity to grow with your business.

We've added three short case studies to the website which detail some services we have provided for clients just like you.

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