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The IT needs of a business vary in relation to the size and nature of the workload an IT infrastructure is expected to handle.

You may be a small company with a single PC or a global presence with multiple brands and thousands of servers and workstations.

Byrne Consultancy can help companies at both extremes of company size and all those in between.


Software Development

Software Development services are used for many situations and to fill gaps which have no commercially available solution.

You may be looking for a solution to take customer data from a database to produce a mailing list which enhances your customer retention.

You may require a fast, secure and efficient application logging system to provide essential support data from a network of over 30,000 distributed workstations.

Or, you may simply require a small script which tidies up data on a server on a regular business.

Byrne Consultancy has provided solutions to these and many other problems faced by our clients.


Small Business Services

The IT challenges faced by Small Businesses are different to those faced by larger companies.

Their IT infrastructure may be smaller but it will typically undertake a wide range of tasks, from e-mail handling to accounting.

They can also be far more dependent on their IT and the budget for expansion and support will be smaller.

Byrne Consultancy provides a wide range of services for Small Businesses.

A sample can be found in the three case studies we have added to the site highlighting different problems encountered by different types of business.

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