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Case Study 4 - Life Begins (continued)


A Quick Response

Lynne's requirement for the rapid design and deployment of a website pointed towards using a content management system (CMS) - in this case Joomla.

Using a CMS allowed us to buy in a template, pre-designed, which fitted most of the design requirements and then tailor the content to fill the remaining gaps.

All that remained was to select a suitable hosting service which was reliable, supported Joomla and was cost efficient. We selected Namesco for hosting in this instance.

With hosting arranged and Joomla installed, we quickly sourced a suitable template from the RocketTheme range.

With the site navigation and layout handled by Joomla we were free to concentrate on the custom graphics, text and external links. The site took shape rapidly and was live in time for Lynne's interview.




Being a small business allows Byrne Consultancy to rapidly respond to customer requirements.

Our ongoing investment in research and training, coupled with our independence, allowed us to quickly set up the best environment to support the Life Begins website.

Websites can be expensive to develop and deploy but there are more options available than many people think. A CMS like Joomla opens up a range of low cost website solutions which are cost effective to maintain over a long period of time.

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