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Case Study 2 - The Eyre Place Osteopathic Practice


The Solution

The corrective action was straightforward.

  • Install a more configurable virus checking package, in this case AVG, and move the scheduled scan to a more convenient time.
  • Clear all cached internet data and scan the PC to ensure it was gone.
  • Install Microsoft Defender to act as a second check on malware.
  • Disable desktop indexing applications. The client didn't use them which meant they were just using up PC resources.


The Eyre Place Osteopathic Practice was experiencing problems which are common on PC's used by small businesses and in the home.

When a number of issues are experienced at once fixing one of them may appear to have no effect.

We were able to diagnose a number of issues and provide corrective actions for them all simultaneously.

Following the correction of the issues found, we provided a number of procedural actions which the client could undertake to prevent a re-occurrence of the original problems.

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